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“Scipreneur” is a combination of two words; “Science and Entrepreneur”. Scipreneur Private Limited was established on 2nd February 2017 by Vijay Soni, Ph.D. This is a platform for ‘Scientific Entrepreneurs’ and provides resources, news, knowledge, training, showcase, and networking to bridge scientific research and entrepreneurship.

As we know that out of all possible research and technology developments, less than 5-7% is translated into a marketable product. This is mainly due to the lack of entrepreneurship knowledge and training in innovators. Also, many companies stop growing after a certain point as they could not get novel and different ways or ideas to propagate.

Therefore, at ‘Scipreneur’ we are solving this problem by connecting, educating and helping both innovators and entrepreneurs. We are not only helping them to collaborate to bring new research and technology into the market but also providing them a platform to feature and showcase their innovations, technology, and product.

We are also providing them one to one consultancy by providing a very expert team from various parts of the world. We have a huge global database of various scientists and business experts from all streams of science and businesses. We offer our international services in all possible areas of science and technology research.

We are also offering services in technology transfer, business development and product translation from laboratory to the market. We have various experts in our team who can handle legal, marketing, scientific and policy-related issues to enable any startup and industries in the field of science and innovations.

Besides this Scipreneur also bring investors, skilled human recourses, and various services to both industries and scientific laboratories. Our website (www.thescipreneur.com) covers all possible innovations, news, policies, motivation, and events for innovators and entrepreneurs.

All our efforts are geared towards providing the best information, guidance, and exposure, so the scheme you choose is the perfect fit.

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