Adeptrix Corporation Receives Funding from ICV Venture Engineering Fund I to Accelerate Product Development Pipeline and Advance Translational Research Biology

Image Credit: Adeptrix Corporation

Adeptrix Corporation Receives Funding from ICV Venture Engineering Fund I to Accelerate Product Development Pipeline and Advance Translational Research Biology

By: Jeffrey C. Silva, Ph. D. | Adeptrix

Beverly, MA 01915, May 6th, 2019, Adeptrix Corporation announces the completion of initial investment through ICV Venture Engineering Fund I, for its “transformative and disruptive” BAMS™ assay technology platform, which “measures the drivers of disease and critical targets for drug development.”

Adeptrix Corporation has developed a mass spectrometry-based, high-content and high-throughput microarray platform for screening changes in protein levels and protein modifications involved in cellular function and communication as well as disease progression. The Company is currently working with Pharma, Biotech and Academic clients in all phases of drug discovery and development.

BAMS™ (Bead-Assisted Mass Spectrometry) is a novel immuno-affinity assay platform for targeted protein analysis. (Image: Adepetrix Corporation)

Adeptrix’ patented Bead-Assisted Mass Spectrometry (BAMS™) technology is currently being applied in drug discovery to aid understanding of disease onset, preclinical drug discovery and is well positioned as the next generation diagnostic readout. Unlike the existing DNA and RNA based assay platforms, BAMS™ measures proteins and their modifications – ultimately the drivers of disease and the critical targets for drug development.

“The BAMS™ assay platform is a disruptive technology, because it provides a simple workflow for targeted proteomics and will enable many more scientists to ask deeper questions of their biological assays,” said Dr. Jeffrey C. Silva, Director of Product Development at Adeptrix Corporation. “The assay technology couples the specificity of affinity capture with the speed and sensitivity of mass spectrometry detection to enable screening of ONE to THOUSANDS of proteins in a single experiment. BAMSTM is quite versatile and can be utilized to monitor any protein (or a panel of proteins) of interest.”

ICV & Venture Engineering Funds identify and invest in game-changing life science technologies.

Adam Hill, CTO and Venture Engineer at ICV & Triple Sharp Venture Engineering said, “we are very excited to be working with Adeptrix Corporation because we have seen that the technology platform has such a diverse range of applications in Life Science Research and other areas such as agriculture and infectious disease.”

Adeptrix Corporation is a privately held company founded in 2010.  Its mission is to simplify biological molecular analysis and accelerate translational biology research for the masses.

Contact Information:

Jeffrey C. Silva, Ph. D.

Director of Product Development

Adeptrix Corporation

100 Cummings Center, Suite 438Q

Beverly, MA  01915

Phone: (978) 473-7670


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Jeffrey received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University studying Natural Product Biosynthesis and completed his post-doc at Harvard Medical School investigating microbial signal transduction. After his post-doc, he worked for Microbia, Waters Corporation, and Cell Signaling Technology. Currently, he is Director of Product Development at Adeptrix Corporation producing new tools for multiplexed, targeted proteomics (

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