Daily Routine of Successful People

Daily Routine of Successful People

By: Vijay Soni, Ph.D. | Founder and C.E.O. Scipreneur

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” — Mike Murdock

The daily routine of a successful person has the same habits day in and day out. It won’t be easy to make the changes, all you have to do is be serious about it, through daily consistency and determination, every day of every week. It has to become like a second nature to you. It is what I learn from a lot of the great highly successful people.

You need to realize at first that you control your reality, you are the captain of the vessel which is your body and mind, do not forget it. Your mind is not in control, YOU ARE.

Your reality is essentially made up of your thoughts, routine, habits, experiences and beliefs, and is not shaped by anything else.

Let’s see what kind of the daily routine successful people have.

First Daily Routine of Successful People

  • They have gratitude. Most of them begin their day when waking up by being grateful and go through a list each morning and evening. It is difficult and even impossible to be, think or say negative things when you are in a state of gratefulness.
  • They set priorities first. They have written down and set their day plan the night before, and execute the most important or major things of their day in the morning when their mind still fresh.
  • They are proactive, not reactive. They start their day with actions that are productive to their business or well-being. They do not put things to later or tomorrow unless it is absolutely needed.
  • They meditate & visualize. Many of them meditate and visualize their goals. They see and imagine themselves where they want to be or what they want as if they already have it. Meditating is a prodigious way to clear your mind.
  • They are inspired. They are so inspired that it will get them out of bed before anything else ever will. Even if tired, successful people think about the changes they will make that day and that gets them all even more determined.
  • They exercise. A lot of successful people exercise before they go to work and say it does wonders for them. It may be fitness, yoga, running, walking. Some work out later.

Daily Work Routine of Successful People

  • They invest long hours. Successful people invest a lot of long hours, early mornings and late nights, working, learning or reading while average people will spend their free time on trivial and wasted activities.
  • They have a strong work ethic. A highly successful person works every day of the week if they have to, no matter if it is weekends or holidays. I have been grinding since 6 am and I am still at it. Successful people do not ever complained, surely about work.
  • They are clever. They know they get a 104-day advantage over anyone who takes the weekend off (Not counting the holidays), and then you wonder why they are successful.
  • They work with their team. They choose, work and collaborate with a team that complete their weaknesses. They know full well that nature hasn’t given them all the qualities and abilities. So they choose wisely and build a great team including different talents and thoughts to work with daily.
  • They take risks. They take will impossible and calculated risks. Most people do not want to take risks. So they work for successful people and build other’s dreams instead.
  • They have the right mindset. They do not leave anything to chance. They do not believe there is such a thing called luck. For them, it is called “creating your own life”.
  • They focus on solutions. They focus on the solutions instead of thinking of the problems. They see failures as mistakes to learn from and move forward.
  • They are determined. They NEVER do give up when times are hard, instead they push through. And they keep at it until where they want to be.
  • They are not afraid of changes. They are not afraid of change, instead, they get out of their comfort zone and embrace changes knowing full well that it is the only way to grow and progress in life.
  • They read every day. Reading brings successful people a self-educated source of knowledge and progress from masters before them. They continuously keep learning, but they also take the knowledge they acquire and put it into action.
  • They rarely watch TV or spent too much time on Social Media. They watch less than an hour of TV and doing useless things like Social Media unless it is for business. They know money doesn’t take breaks.

Daily Trait Routines of Successful People

  • They have or had mentors. They have or had one, or a few mentors. They study and learn the approach from the best teachers and then use it to make their own.
  • They use silence mode. They usually sit down daily somewhere quiet, alone, in silence for 10–15 minutes and just think, they let go, think and find answers, then review their plan and adjust their sails accordingly to their situation.
  • They say “No more” when needed. Successful people love themselves and have enough self-respect to say “no more” to bad habits, to negative people and to things that have no place in their life.
  • They have integrity. Successful individuals require being true to themselves and to their mission… and that doesn’t come by trying to have hundreds of followers or partying; they stay true to themselves and find a few that love them and will support them through their journey.
  • They have a purpose. Successful people determine their future by the work they do today, not next week or next year. They live in the present but with the foresight that what they do every day will be their future and their ultimate legacy.
  • They have the right Friends. They NEVER have hundreds of friends. They usually have around 5 of them or less. The reason is they value people with similar ambition as they do and they want to be surrounded by life’s game changers.
  • They have passion. Successful people chase their passion and their passion always wins. They know the money will follow if they do what they love doing.
  • They are consistent. They are consistent in all that they do, daily! They make progress and move forward while others make excuses, blame or complain.

One last thing: Successful people NEVER GIVE UP.

As you can see, the daily routine of successful people are many, but you can determine which daily habits you have to get rid of your routine and which you could add to your life so that it would be beneficial to you, and so that you have a better chance to succeed.

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