Life Is Too Short To…..So Live It!!

Life Is Too Short To…..So Live It!!

Till date, you won’t live you are not alive!

By: 1477782487-croppedVijay Soni, PhD; Founder & C.E.O. “Scipreneur”, Researcher

21 November 2016 

Life is too short…..

To follow the rules, to worry, to make enemies, to hate people, to crib, to not to live for your passion and dreams, to wait, to tolerate nonsense, to fight, to work for others’ dreams, to be serious all the time, to count years, to be unhappy, to ponder, to regret, to live the same day twice, to be depressed, to be unkind, to be fake, to have grudges, to be miserable, to be stressed, for revenge, to be negative, to make excuses, to be afraid, to waste time, to shed tears…….!!

So go wild, break the rules, be happy, love everyone, stay positive, follow your dreams, live your passion, keep moving, keep smiling, don’t fight, take decisions, meditate, say sorry, change routine, don’t be so serious, don’t count days, don’t be depressed, be original, be you, be lovable, spread fantastic vibes from you, leave grudges, be fearless, jump into the river, hike on the mountains, sing your song, dance with energy, fall in love, propose whom you love, love truly, kiss intensely, forget bad times, forgive people, take things easy, make new friends, have faith, be a rebel, laugh uncontrollably, don’t regret, forgive quickly, visit all over the world, keep blessings, help everyone, hug heartily, love passionately, be an idiot sometimes, bring the change, plant trees, take risks, spend time with your family, take long walks, enjoy life, live every moment.

Life is much more…So live it to the fullest. Be Yourself and Be Alive..!!

Life Is Too Short To…..So Live It!!

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