The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

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Whether you like it or not, digital marketing is important for your business due to the level of exposure you can get. If you have no idea how to do it or have no time to run campaigns, outsourcing your digital marketing efforts is the best answer. Even then, not every team is the right fit for you.

Outsourcing your campaigns has its benefits and risks. Depending on what you want to do, you would want a team of experts who know everything there is about marketing. If you’re familiar with the team, employ them in a heartbeat. 

What if you’re not?

Here are the pros and cons of outsourcing digital marketing. Learn how outsourcing can support businesses and how you can make sure you only get the best marketing agency on your side.

Pro: You’re Hiring Industry Professionals

A professional agency that specializes in digital marketing will know what to do when you need their services. If you’re a business owner that knows little about the world of marketing, an expert team can give you a boost. Their staff will likely have specific roles that can maximize your payment and build your brand.

Most professional agencies rely on word of mouth and customer loyalty to build their customer base. With this in mind, agencies make sure they have the right knowledge and equipment to build your reputation online. Whether it’s social media marketing or search engine optimization (SEO), they will likely do their best to reach the goals you set.

Con: They Don’t Know Your Brand DNA

For businesses that have an existing marketing campaign, it can be problematic to outsource. The problem comes from losing your personal touch with your efforts. Giving the job away to an agency or a freelancer runs the risk of changing the tone of your brand.

Most owners have a specific voice that they want for their business and they know the brand’s DNA from the inside out. How do you communicate the brand’s voice to a third party who does not know what it represents? 

You’re not always sure with who you hire, so you’re risking your brand persona. If you’re not careful with who you hire, you might lose the audience you built with your original campaign efforts.

Pro: You Get A Full Staff of Marketing Specialists

For those who are accessing the services of agencies, one of the biggest pros of outsourcing is the power to get more professionals. A business can hire digital agencies that can perform several tasks simultaneously and without delay. Depending on your budget, you can run several campaigns and hack your growth.

Even if you’re a master digital marketer, you only have so much time for yourself. An entire agency will have an entire staff of specialists who can all do digital marketing. Some will have social media teams while others will have search engine marketing specialists who can leverage ad marketing.

If you want, you can outsource your entire marketing efforts with a team you trust. This opens you to risk but with a stellar team, the money should be worth it.

Con: You’re Not Their Only Client

Effective marketing agencies and freelancers always have someone to work with. You’re likely one of many clients that they have and unless you’re the first, you’d likely adjust your schedule to theirs and not the other way around. You’re not sure at what level of priority you are and to what extent can they set aside for campaigns you want.

Sure, you can expect them to follow deadlines and build timelines with you. Even then, they might not do specialized projects due to a lack of time. They may not even be ready to have extra projects that can put your business above and beyond. 

If your agency can’t follow through with your timeline, you might need to adjust and follow their calendar instead. You might even need to find a different specialist to do the job.

Pro: It’s Cost-Effective

Outsourcing your digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective practices that you can do. While most people think it gets expensive, you have to consider the cost of having an in-house team. In-house marketing teams cost a lot, as you pay not only for salaries but also benefits, tools, and equipment.

With an outsourced team, you’re paying for the complete package. Your only concern will be working with the team and telling them what you want with your marketing. You don’t have to hire an entire staff or pay for their benefits.

At the same time, you will learn a lot from how they work through the challenges of reaching your goals and improving your ROI. Even with just the knowledge and insights you get, the money you pay should be worth it.

Con: There’s A Risk of Incompetence

If you’re the type who likes to hire marketing teams online, one of the biggest risks that you can stumble upon is incompetence. Hiring marketing teams can be a gamble and unless you do the proper vetting, you can’t be sure with the quality of work you can receive from them.

Most professionals will not risk their careers to look incompetent with a client. Even then, some fly-by-night freelancers or agencies may not have the level of expertise you need. Some may not even be a good fit.

When outsourcing, make sure to set criteria when hiring. You would want to do your due diligence checking the freelancer or the agency’s portfolio.

Pro: Your Brand’s Growth is Assured

Whether you’re building a new business website or need someone to grow your online presence, outsourcing it to a crack team of marketing experts work. You should expect positive results as these pros are ready to impress you and help you build more of your brand.

Whether you want more sales, get more leads, or increase your follower count, outsourcing your digital marketing can help gain that goal. Most agencies will have established connections and clients that may want to create a network. 

You can get a bigger network for yourself when you outsource. You open yourself to a potential goldmine solution that can resolve your marketing needs as soon as possible.

Should you outsource your digital marketing? Working with external experts can be a valuable experience for your business. It can generate a ton of upside without the burden of maintaining a full marketing team in-house. Hire only the best digital marketing agencies and freelancers and hack your growth now.

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